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The Journey Begins

The latest shipment of supplies for Uganda is on its way, and we’re celebrating the impact on both sides of the globe. Seattle students are learning the value and the joy of giving back, and Ugandan students are expanding their academic opportunities. 

Just before the holidays we loaded two FULL pallets of supplies onto a truck to begin their long journey to Mukono, Uganda. 

Highlights of this year’s shipment includes: 

  • 4,500 books 

  • 16,000 pencils 

  • 22,000 crayons 

  • 4,000 markers 

  • 540 pounds of paper and composition books 

It’s amazing to see how our Seattle students responded when presented with the opportunity to help their peers in Uganda. We believe students from every walk of life have the capacity for incredible generosity, and this year’s students absolutely proved us right. We’re so excited to take their donations to Uganda, and then return to their schools to show them the impact of their gifts!  

Along with all the supplies, this year’s students also donated over $1660 to purchase backpacks in Uganda. That’s because many of our Seattle partner schools this year are “second year” participants. When a school returns for a second year in a row, we invite students to take their generosity up a notch, donating money as well as school supplies. This progression reinforces the previous year’s lessons about generosity, and encourages them towards a lifetime of giving back. This year’s students responded in a big way, with enough funds to purchase over 235 backpacks! We even had students giving their birthday money for this cause – what kind hearts they have. 

Our school supplies are currently on a ship somewhere between Seattle and Mobasa, Kenya. Once they dock, they’ll be trucked overland into Uganda, where they can (finally!) be distributed to the students and schools who need them most. We’re excited to see these gifts on their way, and so grateful to all the schools, families and donors who made this shipment possible! 


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