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Your Year End Gift Will Change a Life

For students like 16-year-old Frederick, Sister Schools provides the hope of education. How? By introducing Seattle-area students to their peers in Uganda, and inviting them to change lives through the gift of school supplies. For Frederick, those supplies are what got him back in school. Our Seattle kids have done their part: will you do yours, here at the end of the year?

Frederick's Story

But little did he know he had friends half a world away in Seattle, collecting school supplies for his former school, Myanagaya Primary. When head teacher Mr. Mukungu learned what had happened to Frederick he knew he had to help. Thankfully, with basic school supplies covered by Sister Schools, he was able to make a place for Frederick, even though he knows his family will likely never be able to pay school fees. Seeing Frederick's determination and dedication to his studies, Mr. Mukungu believes he will go far in life. 

The simple gift of books and pencils brought Frederick back to school and gave him hope for his future. Now, he dreams of becoming a teacher so that he can help other students thrive. 

Today, Frederick is preparing for the next school year, which starts in January in Uganda. He still doesn't know where his schools fees will come from. He will only be able to continue his education if we are able to continue to support Myangaya. And that is only possible through your support.

This simple school building represents Frederick's hope for the future. Due to his injury, he knows an education is his only opportunity for success. That's why he works so hard in class, every single day.
Give today to support his efforts!


Don't Delay! Donate by 12/31

Screenshot 2023-11-28 080948_edited.jpg

Two years ago, Frederick dropped out of school because his single mother couldn't afford to pay his school fees. Not easily deterred, at just 14 years old, Frederick found work on a sugar cane farm. His goal was to earn enough money to cover his own school fees and get back to class.

Unfortunately a horrific accident at work stymied his plans. Frederick fell off of a truck, and his lower leg got crushed under the wheel. It had to be amputated below the knee. Now he was both unable to work and unable to attend school. He felt like his life was over.


Do your part for kids like Frederick

Our Seattle students have done their part collecting supplies for their peers. Now, we need to get those supplies to Uganda. Will you make a gift today, to ensure students like Frederick can continue their education?

Donate by midnight on December 31st to receive at 2023 tax receipt and unlock education opportunities for students in 2024! Every gift will make a difference.

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