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A Life of Giving Back

Asia manages the Sister Schools program in Uganda, and the story of how she got here is pretty incredible. She is a committed advocate of our work, because she experienced the benefits firsthand. 

As a child, Asia’s family struggled to afford school fees and school supplies. Her older sister worked hard to put Asia through school, but with a family of her own, there were often times her sister couldn’t afford to give Asia pencils, books, and other essential supplies. 

Even as a child, Asia was a big dreamer and willing to work hard to get what she wanted.  Luckily for her, her neighbor happened to be Barnabas, the Sister Schools Program Manager at the time. 

“My story with Sister Schools dates way back to when I was in primary five [fifth grade],” she explains. “I used to help offload a container at our neighbor’s (Barnabas) compound who was then in charge of Sister Schools Uganda. After helping he would reward us with a few school supplies. I was always delighted to help and be rewarded with something that my sister, who was taking me through school, used to struggle with – school supplies. As I got older, I remember asking Barnabas where he got all these books, and he told me about Sister Schools. I asked him if I could come help when I was older. Indeed, he remembered, and in 2007 when I was at university, he called and asked me if I could volunteer at Sister Schools. I excitedly said yes. I volunteered for a short time as a school librarian, and then they took me on as a Coordinator. I was very thrilled to work at a library helping children learn how to read and write.” 

Since starting out as a volunteer, Asia has since become our Uganda Program Director. Her extensive responsibilities include managing our Uganda finances, strategic planning with our partner schools, and ensuring our resources are managed effectively. 

The work isn’t always easy, but Asia is very successful in keeping us on track. Part of what keeps her motivated is seeing the joy that our program brings to students, and school administrators around the country.    

She described a moment from a few years ago where she realized just how deeply our programs affect students. “I had never really thought about it until I had to deliver a gift to one of our partners... the best part of my job is delivering good news! The way the school director’s  face lit up when I told her I had come to deliver a gift from Sister Schools made me so happy and appreciate my job. She narrated how difficult the pandemic had hit the school, teachers, parents, and students. She said that ‘Sister Schools is one of those partners that have a way of surprising me. They have been here for us all these years... they have never left us.’ This incident made me reflect on so many happy faces I have seen whenever I approach one of our partners!” 

There are also individual students who stand out in Asia’s memory. Knowing she’s been a part of changing the trajectory of young people like Martha, and so many others, keeps her inspired every day.   


“As a 28-year-old Ugandan, Martha's story resonates deeply. She was raised by a single mother facing financial challenges, and her dream of becoming a medical worker seemed distant. However, through Sister Schools' support, Martha's path changed. Sister Schools provided Martha with essential school supplies, ensuring she could focus on her education without the burden of financial worries. This support enabled her to attend school regularly, focus on her academics, and excel. [With Sister School’s support], Martha pursued a diploma in Public Health Dentistry. Today, she proudly serves as a Public Health Dental Officer, contributing to community health through clinics, outreaches, and medical camps. Sister Schools played a pivotal role in Martha's journey, illustrating the organization's dedication to empowering students to overcome barriers to education and achieve their dreams.” 

We’re so lucky to have Asia on our team. Her talent, passion, and dedication to our students make all the difference for our work in Uganda. 


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