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All About Connection

At first glance, many people assume that Sister Schools’ program is all about students in Seattle giving school supplies to their peers in Uganda. That’s certainly a big component of what we do... but it’s not what we’re all about.  

At our core, we’re about creating connections between Seattle students and Ugandan students, helping kids on both sides of the globe expand their horizons and build brighter futures. 

That’s why we’re so excited about our upcoming return presentations. This is when we see our impact come alive for Seattle kids.  

While in Uganda we collected hundreds of photos of the items students donated in the hands of their recipients. At our return presentations, we show these photos to Seattle students right alongside the Seattle photos we took when kids dropped off their items. The smiles speak for themselves! It’s immediately clear to kids the difference they were able to make for a fellow student through just a little thoughtful generosity. After this small taste of changing lives, we consistently see students demonstrate a greater desire to change lives for years to come. 

The impact doesn’t stop there, however, because this exchange goes both ways! Uganda students receive school supplies that have extensive impact for their academic futures, but they send back videos, letters, and posters to Seattle that give U.S. kids a greater insight into the beautiful, unique Ugandan culture and deepens their understanding of the world. 

We can’t wait to complete this beautiful circle of exchange! 


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