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Board Corner: A Q&A with Carolyn Kelley

Although she’s new to the Board of Directors, Carolyn Kelley is not new to Sister Schools! She first met us working as an Occupational Therapist at Salmon Bay School where we were giving a presentation. She was especially struck by a story of a Head Teacher who scrimped and saved all year to purchase her schools’ first dictionary; from then on, she became known to us as “The Dictionary Lady” and would periodically donate dozens of dictionaries that she had collected from friends and thrift stores. Read on to learn more about Carolyn, who was inspired by Sister Schools to make a difference in her own unique way! What is your Professional Background? Pediatric Occupational Therapist in several school districts and private clinics, nearly 40 years, recently retired Why did you connect with Sister School’s mission? Several members gave a presentation at Salmon Bay School when I was working there, and I feel in love with the organization and its mission on the spot. When I was a little girl I knew I wanted to work with children and Sister Schools gives me an opportunity to continue doing this in my retirement. I have traveled to Ethiopia and Nicaragua and visited schools in both countries. The children and their families take great pride in education, evident by my view of a school uniform neatly pressed, hanging from the ceiling of a home with a dirt floor and makeshift walls pieced together with scrap wood (not lumber) and chicken wire. This was inside a home of four that was about 100 square feet in size. What are you most excited about joining the Board of Directors? Because I believe in the work that’s being done and want to contribute to its ongoing mission and success. Where is your favorite place you’ve ever travelled to? Scotland, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, France What is your coffee shop order? I don’t drink coffee (I take that back, I tried it once in Ethiopia after watching women prepare it from fresh beans.) I tasted it then and gave most of my cup to another traveler.


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