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Board Corner: A Q&A with Ruby Englund

Ruby certainly has learned to adapt over the past few years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, she reverted to walking instead of swimming laps and learned how to utilize Zoom for church and classes. Like many of us, she also learned to bake sourdough bread! In her free time, she likes to do crossword puzzles, read non-fiction, connect with others by email or phone, read about family history, and bake desserts. What is your Professional Background? Professionally I was a nurse who spent much of my career as a professor of nursing at Seattle Pacific University. My professional work has included obstetrics, intensive care, and general medical/surgical nursing. To encourage young people to enter the profession I developed and directed a week long residential camp for seventeen years for high school students to encourage them to explore the opportunities in the nursing profession. Why did you connect with Sister School’s mission? Connecting with the Sister Schools mission began in my church class where I heard presentations by the founding director Terry McGill. When asked about joining the Board of Directors I was impressed by the mission to teach kids to be generous and know that they can help make the world a better place by donating to other kids. Joining the Board of Directors will give me an opportunity to be involved in helping kids learn the joy of giving to others. I have worked with local organizations but have not been directly involved with international work nor with kids in elementary schools. Helping children learn beneficence at a young age may help them form habits of giving that will impact them throughout their life. Where is your favorite place you’ve ever travelled to? While I loved traveling in England, Scandinavia, Europe and Japan, traveling to Israel made an imprint on my life. Sailing on the Sea of Galilee and exploring sites in Jerusalem made reading Scripture a whole new dimension. Seeing towns such as Nazareth, Jericho, and Bethlehem has made the Scriptures come alive. What is your coffee shop order? If I have coffee outside my home I order an Americano with skim milk. You can meet Ruby & the rest of our Board of Directors by purchasing a ticket for the Sister Schools Auction! Can’t attend? You can still make a donation and continue to open eyes and change lives.


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