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On 19th September, we lost a truly remarkable man. Barnabas Mwesigwa was a pillar to the Sister Schools community in Uganda. He was one of the people Terry started Sister Schools in Uganda with and continued to support the organization for all these years. When we first started sending supplies to Uganda, Barnabas was the one who helped us distribute them to those who needed them most. He was a friend and a mentor who touched the lives of many, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and in our community. Sister Schools as we know it today would not exist without his dedication and support.

“I first crossed paths with Barnabas in 1996 as a young student lacking school supplies,” recounts Asia, our Program Manager in Uganda. “Barnabas extended a helping hand. He supported me through my secondary education and offered me an opportunity to work with Sister Schools after my university.”

Asia is just one of thousands of children who Barnabas helped to thrive academically. His belief that every child deserved an opportunity was evident in his tireless efforts to ensure that chance reached them.

Barnabas was not just a supporter of education; he was also a sports enthusiast who understood the value of sports in a child's life. Through his sports ministries, he nurtured the talents of many youth, providing them with opportunities to excel and grow. He believed in the power of sports to instill discipline, teamwork, and confidence. 

As we mourn his passing, let us also celebrate the profound impact he made on the lives of those he touched. Barnabas was a man who understood that the true measure of a life is in the difference it makes in the lives of others. He will forever be in our hearts, inspiring us to be kind, empathetic, and dedicated to education and the dreams of the next generation.

Today, as we mourn the loss of this great advocate for youth education, let us also celebrate the life he lived and the impact he made. He has left behind a legacy that will continue to flourish through the children he supported, the youths he inspired, and the love he shared.


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