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From Dalton to Seattle – The Circle of Transformation

Every morning, 15-year-old Dalton wakes up early. He lives close to the school in his village, but there are many chores to do before he heads to class.  

Dalton lives with his grandma and siblings. His father abandoned their family, and his mother is living and working in Kampala, sending money home when she can. Dalton does what he can to help his aging grandma, and in many ways fills the role of the “man of the house”. First thing in the morning, he sweeps the whole compound, so that it is neat and tidy for the day ahead. Then he takes the family goats out to graze. After school, Dalton rides his bike to the well to collect water for the family, balancing three full jerry cans (about 15 gallons total) on the way back. 

After completing all the chores, Dalton can finally take some time for himself, his education and his own dreams. Dalton is in Primary 6 – next year he will be taking the important Primary Leaving Exam, which will determine his options for further education and job prospects. 

Even though his family has been dealt a tough hand in life, Dalton dreams of a brighter future. He has a big heart for helping people. At the moment, he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Why? Because he wants to help keep people safe! What a sweetheart. 

Dalton’s mom and grandma both work hard to cover his school fees and help keep his dreams alive. But they struggle to make ends meet. One thing that helps is the fully stocked supply closet at Dalton’s school, filled with donations from Sister Schools. With pencils, notebooks, and more available at school, it’s one less expense for his family to worry about. These gifts help keep Dalton in class, and studying hard to build a brighter future. 

Dalton is just one of hundreds of students impacted by our school supply donations. But our impact doesn’t stop with them. The best part is sharing their stories with our students in Seattle! 

Learning about kids like Dalton and seeing first-hand how their gifts are making a difference is deeply inspiring for Seattle students. It expands their horizons, and helps them realize the power they have to change lives. It inspires them towards a lifetime of giving back, and helps them grow into compassionate global citizens with a heart for changing the world. While their gifts are changing Dalton’s life, his life is changing theirs – and that is the beauty of Sister Schools’ program. Thank you for being a part of this circle of transformation! 


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