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Glory's Story

While in Uganda, I had the pleasure of meeting many of the students we serve, and today I’d like to introduce you to 13-year-old Glory.

She attends Namulaba, a small rural school down one of the roughest roads we traveled during our trip. She is in Primary 4, a few grades behind where she should be for her age. Her parents have both passed away, so she lives with her grandma and her two younger siblings.

Her grandma gathers firewood to sell in order to provide for her grandkids. It’s a hard life, and they struggle to find daily necessities.

Glory wakes up around 6am every morning. It takes her about 30 minutes to walk to school, but she heads that way as soon as she can in the morning because there is nothing for her at home. Her grandma rarely has anything to feed the children for breakfast. But at school, there is food and hope for her future.

Glory’s first meal of the day is the early lunch served at school. It’s usually just some porridge, but Glory is grateful to eat. She spends as long as she can at school, playing with friends, studying, and eating whatever food they can provide.

After the 30 minute walk back to her house, she eats dinner with grandma and her siblings, and then helps with chores. She is usually in charge of washing the dishes and fetching the goats from the field where they were put out to graze.

Despite the harsh realities of her daily life, Glory is full of life and hope. She is a little shy, especially trying to talk to me in English, but that doesn’t stop her from big dreams. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up so that she can help her community. Her favorite subject is science, and she loves learning how the world around her works.

Glory is just one of many students I met this trip. Her story inspires me because it perfectly illustrates the impact the gift of school supplies can make in a child’s life. Glory’s grandma is doing the best she can for her precious grandkids, but there is no money for “extras” like pencils and books. Thankfully, generous donors like you support our mission, ensuring that Glory is equipped to continue pursuing her education and her dreams.


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