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Lutengo Literacy Center: Books for Every Student

The most exciting news is the upsurge of students reading and checking out books! Two teachers that are passionate about literacy volunteered as full-time librarians. This means that the literacy center is open and accessible to students during the day. The school also appointed a student librarian and several library assistants that help keep the literacy center clean and organized. This small change gives students a sense of ownership over the library and helps to encourage other students to check out and read books.

Since the training, the Lutengo Literacy center began checking out books and students have borrowed over 100 books so far! The librarians implemented a well-organized checkout system and so far students have returned all the books they borrowed. Additionally, the librarians designed a more convenient timetable for classes to visit the literacy center during the day and teachers are taking advantage of bringing library books into their classrooms for lessons.

The Lutengo librarian told us, “All the training we have received have really helped us understand what it means to have a working library. The training was an eye opener for us. We saw how interesting and useful a library can be to our school.”

We are thrilled by this news and are excited more Ugandan students have access to books!

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