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School Profile: Sittankya Primary

During our latest visit to Uganda, we had the chance to visit Sittankya Primary School, where we’ve been partnering since 2015. It is so exciting to see the progress Sittankya has made over the years, and we’re proud of the difference we’re making for the 500 students that attend. 


Sittankya is a rural school outside Mukono, Uganda. Bumping down the dirt road to reach it seems to take forever, but once you arrive, the memory of the tough journey slips away replaced by the infectious joy of the busy school yard. 


Originally, Sittankya just had a few dilapidated classroom buildings set in a barren field. Today, it’s grown to include dormitories, a modern kitchen, clean toilets, and even a library. Students take a break from their classes and soccer games to happily greet visitors with songs, excited cheering and happy smiles. It’s clear this school is a place they love to attend! 

Much of Sittankya’s success is due to head teacher Esther. Esther took over leadership of the school in 2020, navigating the Covid crisis with grace. She immediately set about making the school into an inviting space for students, to inspire greater attendance and attention. Most notably, she planted trees throughout the school complex which now provide much-needed shade to students and teachers alike, allowing for happier and more refreshing breaks between classes.  


Esther also cites the gifts provided by Sister Schools as a catalyst for growth at Sittankya. “Our students are now eager to come to school” she explains, “because they have access to resources like pencils, crayons, and books. This increased enthusiasm has led to improved performance and a higher enrollment rate.” 


In addition to the work Esther has put in to inspire her students, her dedicated focus on literacy is leading to excellent academic results. We helped improve the existing library at Sittankya, and keep it fully stocked with books donated by students in Seattle. The extensive catalog now includes English-language books of every level and subject. With Esther’s full support and leadership, library access and dedicated library time is worked into every students’ schedule, ensuring that books are checked out and enjoyed, as well as utilized in the classroom. 

All of this emphasis on literacy, is getting results! At the end of their primary education, roughly equivalent to our 8th Grade, Ugandan students take the national Primary Leaving Exam. There are 5 grades possible: Fail or Division 1-4, with D1 being the highest grade. Last year’s results are in for Sittankya, and we’re proud to share that over 70% of their students achieved a D1 or D2 score!  


We’re looking forward to continuing to partner with Sittankya Primary School to keep students in school and help them thrive academically! 


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