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Summer in Uganda

We might be on summer break here, but our friends in Uganda are still in school working hard toward their dreams. And Sister Schools is right there with them providing the supplies they need to thrive.

The Ugandan school calendar starts in February and is split into three terms. First term generally runs from February to April, second term from May to August, and third term from September to December. Students have about a month off between each term, with a longer break for Christmas and New Years before starting the next year. So, while we’re enjoying summer break, Ugandan students are in the thick of Term 2 and studying hard.

Sister Schoos does our biggest school supply deliveries in first term when the container of donated goods from Seattle first arrives in country. But we also reserve many items to deliver during second and third term.

By spreading out the item deliveries we ensure each gift is being used to its fullest. Students whose supplies have been broken, lost, or used up are still able to continue learning because their schools can provide replacements. And frequent visits from our staff to each school ensure we know exactly how to distribute the items so that each school gets what they need most.

Sheila and Asia, our Ugandan staff members, have been hard at work doing second term distributions and sorting items in the container. They recently brought another load of supplies to St. Kizito school. St. Kizito was partnered with Salmon Bay K-8 School in Ballard, Seattle, and there were many boxes of donated goods to deliver!

St. Kizito students were thrilled to open up the boxes and see all the gifts: pencils, markers, notebooks, flashcards, books, crayons, and more! There were even some soccer balls and other sports equipment that are sure to keep them excited to go to school, if nothing else than for recess.

The best part is that St. Kizito is just one school. We get to repeat this story with 13 other partner schools in Uganda as well, keeping thousands of children in school and on track for success!


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