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Thank you Melissa, Liz, & Khetiwe

At the end of June, Sister Schools bid farewell to three members of our Board of Directors: Melissa Pendleton, Liz Silva, and Khetiwe Chitewere. All three have been tremendous assets to our organization, serving as leaders through the pandemic, always being willing to step in to support fundraisers and programs, and planning for the future of Sister Schools.

When asked what has been her most rewarding experience on the Board, Liz said,

“Being on the board for Sister Schools was very rewarding because it meant that I was also an active volunteer. The work that Sister Schools does in Uganda can be hard to conceptualize from the table in a Board Meeting. Travelling abroad, however, to meet and work with the students and teachers in person was the most rewarding gift. This has enabled me to use my area of expertise in education first-hand and really understand what it means to give back to my global community. Knowing the ins and outs of the organization simply meant I was better able to support those who needed it most at the time. Every smile from a child, book in their hand, or set of crayons being used was just a reminder of how much good we are capable of doing just by being engaged. The connections made through these experiences as a Board Member will last long into the future and for that I am grateful.”

Despite the end of their Board terms, we are so grate that these three will continue to be part of the Sister Schools community, teaching compassion, service, and social responsibility to children and young adults around the world.

Join us in thanking Melissa, Liz, and Khetiwe for their service and wishing them and their families joy and happiness!


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