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Board Corner: Interview with Dr. Carol Coram

Dr. Carol Coram joined Sister Schools' Board of Directors this summer, connecting to Sister Schools' mission to teach compassion, service, and social responsibility to children and young adults.

An active runner and triathlete, all of Dr. Carol's races and triathlons were wiped off her schedule by the COVID-19 pandemic - the same was true for the triathlons and track and field competitions she officiates.  But he continued her training as if she still had competitions on the calendar so she could stay in shape physically and reduce the stress of having the world shut down.  When she's not competing in road races or serving as an international track and field/triathlon official, Dr. Carol likes to read, make jewelry, and do calligraphy.

You can read more about Dr. Carol's connection to Sister Schools as an educator and Rotarian below!


What is your professional background?

My professional life has been in education.  I taught for 11 years in New York then served as a school principal for 24 years in New York, New Jersey and Washington.

Why did you connect with Sister Schools’ mission?

My values and beliefs are a perfect match with Sister Schools’ mission.  As a Rotarian and an educator, service, leadership, compassion and social justice have been key to working successfully with youth.

What are you most excited about joining the Board of Directors?

I am most excited about joining the Board of Directors because I see Sister Schools as a conduit in which the attributes of character building can be perpetuated in all who benefit.  Honesty, courage, compassion, leadership, confidence, optimism, responsibility and reliability are among these traits.  Providing youth with opportunities to do something meaningful that will build character is the ultimate formula for good citizens and the bright future ahead of them.

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

Helsinki, Finland (where I served as an International Technical Official for the World Track & Field Championships)

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fruits, vegetables and seafood because they come from Mother Earth.

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