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"Children Just Like You"

For this week’s Feature Friday, we are sharing one of our favorite videos “From the Archives.”


I am so excited for our upcoming Virtual Gala on October 29th.  Are you going to tune in?  I hope so!

I've been spending a lot of time recently going through the Sister Schools archives.  Without any supply drives or distribution trips, we have a lull in our production of photos and videos - what better time to catch-up on organizing 31 years of slides, raw video footage, and CDs than when you're not adding more to the pile?

That's where I found this Feature Friday video - a clip from the marketing video for our first-ever Gala in 2004!  Our theme that year was "kikulu", which means "it is important" in Luganda.  Terry's address, given at one of our partner schools in Uganda, really drives home the core of the Sister Schools program: "these gifts . . . are not from a rich man, they're not from a great man, they're from children like you."  Whether in-person or virtual, the funds raised at our annual Gala are used to empower, educate, and inspire compassion in children around the world.  Kids helping kids is what we're all about.

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