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Family Fun: Q&A with the Murawski Family Part 1

Over 12 years, the Murawski Family has done it all with Sister Schools!  They have spent countless hours sorting in our warehouses, packed the container in the pouring rain, traveled to Uganda with our Distribution Team, planned and worked the Gala Auction, and have been Sister Schools’ number one fans and promoters!

Outside of volunteering, the Murawskis like to travel the world and play board games.

Read on to learn more about this All-Star Family from parents Anne & Mike!


To start, tell us about how your family got involved with Sister Schools

We got involved in Sister Schools back in 2008, after we went to a performance from the Ssuubi Tour, a group of Ugandan students who traveled to Seattle as a part of the Return Presentations.  Our son, Alex, was in Kindergarten at Blackwell Elementary School and had participated in the Supply Drive that Fall, but we got involved in the Spring.  When Blackwell did a used school supply at the end of the year, I volunteered to bring the donations to Sister Schools’ warehouse in West Seattle and that was it, been volunteering since.

I have promoted Sister Schools to four other schools in the area, in addition to participating at Blackwell for three years while both our kids went there.

What part of our mission and program connects with you most?

I love how EASY it is for any local child to participate in making a difference in a child’s life across the world. I love the simple gesture that has such a huge impact.

How have you seen Sister Schools change your own children?

Claire and Alex were 3 and 5 when we started volunteering with Sister Schools, so they have really grown up with it!  SS was always an easy way for us to teach our children the value of volunteering and giving our time for the benefit of others.  We were happy to send afternoons at the warehouse.

We have always tried to teach our kids the value of service, to be humble, and to be grateful for what we are fortunate to have. Sister Schools’ trips and volunteer work have helped to solidify our teachings.

What Sister Schools memory or moment has stuck with you the most?

I was showing pictures off of my phone to a teacher at Mukono Town Muslim and she saw a picture of Alex and Claire standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. She asked me what kind of fancy church that was and I kind of looked at her funny and said “well that’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris”.  She looked at me in confusion and had absolutely no idea what the Eiffel Tower was. That was so eye-opening to me as to the isolation and remoteness that these Ugandans are in.

Also, the pit latrines in Uganda.  I will never complain about a port-a-potty in America ever again!

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