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McDonald International Students Shine

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

One of our Seattle partners this year was McDonald International Elementary School. This community gave incredibly generously to support their peers in Uganda. During our supply pick up day, we got to sit down with a few of the 5th grade students to hear what they learned through the experience. 


Alex is an 11-year-old with a shy smile and a very big heart. He loves baseball and reading. Hearing how Ugandan students live was eye-opening for him. He was amazed by the creativity of the students and teachers, who make do with very few resources. He can’t imagine having to walk miles just to access to water. 

After learning so much about Uganda, Alex decided to use his birthday money to buy extra pencils, crayons, and paper for our supply drive. “They need it more than I do,” he explained. “I already have all the things I need.” 



Leah is a bubbly 10-year-old who adores animals, especially her two cats Yuzu and Matcha. When learning about Uganda, Leah thought it was interesting how kids there keep chickens, just like her family does! 

During our presentation, Leah was struck by the differences between Ugandan homes and her own. Where her room is full of bright lights and colorful decorations, those are luxuries many Ugandans can’t afford.  

That’s part of the reason Leah was excited to donate to our supply drive. She went through her books and donated about 50 children’s books she’d grown out of. “If there are lots of things we have here,” she said, “it is nicer to give to others who need it more than we do.”  



Calder is a creative 11-year-old who loves all his pet fish, playing baseball, and sewing!  

After hearing the presentation about Uganda, Calder was pleased to learn that there are many Ugandans who are “creative like me!” At the same time, he was sad to realize how difficult it can be for Ugandan students to secure basic supplies. Even necessities like food and water can be hard for many Ugandan students to find. “Everyone around the world deserves the supplies they need to have a good education,” he said. 

When we asked Calder what he would like to say to the Ugandan student who received his gift, he said he’d tell them “You are important, and you deserve this!” 


These three amazing students are just a few of the kids who participated in our school supply drives this year. We are so proud of the way each one of them is growing more aware of the world around them and engaging in making a difference for their peers. We can’t wait to show them the impact of their gifts after we deliver their donated supplies to Uganda!  


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