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"Now More Than Ever"

This week's Feature Friday looks a little bit different.  I have been talking for a couple weeks now about our upcoming Gala on October 29th and reminiscing about the event over the years.  But now, I want to focus with you on the present and the needs you will help us meet this year.

COVID-19 has forced a massive shift in programming here at Sister Schools.  With school closures in Western Washington and Uganda, we were unable to distribute supplies or do return presentations last spring.  With continuing lockdown restrictions and virtual learning in place, we did not launch a new program cycle this fall either.  Yet, we believe that compassion, service, and social responsibility still needs to be taught and our partner students in Uganda need our help now more than ever.

One of our newest partners, Ray of Hope Ministry, has been supporting children in Namuwongo Soweto, Uganda's second largest slum, for almost 20 years.  Having supported single parents and provided a basic education for their children and orphans in the area, the Director Emily Sanyu now fears for the future of the pupils more than ever.  Lockdown restrictions forced many of the parents to shutter their small businesses and, in a desperate attempt to support their families, many of their children are resorting to scavenging and theft.

Supporting these parents and protecting their children is one way Sister Schools has pivoted this year, so that during our next Distribution Trip, we will see all these children's smiling faces at Ray of Hope!


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