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Thank you for joining us for Brunch!

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at our Benefit Brunch in November. The event was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Sister Schools and our impact for kids on both sides of the globe. 

If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch the video now: 

At the brunch, we shared in detail about the libraries Sister School’s builds, stocks, and facilitates at our Ugandan partner schools, and their importance for students’ academic success. We shared a vision to build even more libraries in the coming years. These spaces are the perfect complement to our school supply program, which provides Seattle students an experience in global philanthropy and provide Ugandan students the basic supplies they need to stay in schools. 

During the event, Sister Schools raised over $36,000 to support both our library program and our school supply program! We’re so proud to partner with generous people like you to expand academic opportunities for all and make our vision of a more compassionate, equitable world a reality!  

To continue investing in our mission, please consider a year-end gift to launch students on a path of success in 2024! 


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